Cara ā”‚ Founder & florist

My name is Cara, the heart and hands of Botany & Bloom. Iā€™m obsessed with small town libraries, Karoo landscapes, spontaneous adventures and, of course, all things floral!

I grew up in Cape Town, where I was raised with a love for being outdoors. Most of my childhood years were spent climbing trees and leaping in the garden. We had the most beautiful Cosmos and Linaria flowers - or as we used to call them 'Weeskindertjies' - growing in our garden. Every so often, my father would surprise my mother with a fresh cluster of Poppies ā€“ Their delicate crooks and vibrant colours were exquisite. I was smitten!

I believe in taking hints from nature, using natural textures and seasonal elements. I love to use only the most gorgeous fresh-cut flowers available and enjoy pairing them with responsibly foraged finds. With a unique approach to each client, I allow you to custom-bloom your perfect day.