Foliage is the new Flower

“Green is the prime colour of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.”                                        

From flowing table arrangements to laurel adornments, bounds of fresh green herbs, to handfuls of Eucalyptus – Foliage not only adds a lush factor to your wedding, but is a cost effective way to extend your flower budget.

Leafy medleys of mint green, olive tints and subtle Eucalyptus tones, paired with avocado and jade palettes, form a canvas alive with richness and texture.

Foliage lends itself to a very elegant yet whimsical mood. Layering greenery adds grain and depth to create that stunner factor – Pair foliage with white blousy blooms to create a crisp modern look; or layer with rich berry tones for a vintage feel – Foliage lends itself to just about any theme or venue.

Organic, woodland- inspired bouquets with vibrant ferns and foraged greens, as if handpicked from the garden, creates visually interesting lines defined by arching branches and curious vines.

Foliage display options for your wedding table are plentiful – Tins filled with bundles of fresh herbs with the added bonus of smelling divine; a lovely parade of greenery trumpeting down the center of the table; a low profile rustic centerpiece, chock-full of textured leaves; or a row of clear bud vases with tall greenery stems – Nature offers vibrant tones and textures to create the perfect leafy blend.

Don’t get me wrong – Flowers are forever! However, eco- friendly weddings are emerging as couples move towards more natural and spontaneous designs.

Find inspiration for your wedding with all forms of fresh foliage!

Foliage is the new Flower - Botany & Bloom Journal